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2/04/2015 - BAFTA Scotland Committee Response to GFA Proposals

24/10/2014 - GFA sends Open Letter Proposals to Bafta Scotland

31/10/2013 - GFA celebrates 2nd Birthday

31/10/11 - Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance Goes Live.
The Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance is now up and running and open to submissions.

Welcome To the Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance. Whether you're an individual working within the film and television industry in Glasgow or whether you own a major production company, we're sure you will find this directory extremely useful.


Our aim is to bring together, in one place, the wide range of professionals who are currently working within the film and TV industry in Glasgow. In the current economic climate, the need for greater collaboration amongst our Industry is crucial for our future projects to succeed.


If you would like to be submitted to the Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance, please visit our Submissions page and follow the relevant guidelines.


If you have any enquiries, please contact us at



Andrew O'Donnell

Andrew O'Donnell
Co-Founder & Current Director of G.F.A.


Chris Quick


Chris Quick
Founder & Deputy Director of G.F.A